Healthy clothing equals healthy children – Manoj Jain, the director of Scram Kidswear.

We all know that children have sensitive skins and even the slightest mistake can trigger numerous visits to the hospital, or expenses on various treatments. This is why we always look out for ways to make sure that children are safe, from harmful chemicals and laundry routines that could cost us more than we wish.

As a result, here are some tips on how to care for your kids clothes:

Children’s Clothes and Adult Clothes are Different.

We might already be used to a certain routine for our clothes as adults, but we need to be conscious of the clothes being washed in order to avoid costly mistakes. If possible, once you start having children, change the overall laundry practices for the entire household…everyone deserves properly and safely cleaned clothes. 

Wash New Clothes. 

Right before your child or children wear new clothes, make sure they go through the laundry process. This is because of various chemical residuals that might still be on these outfits either from the factories or even the shop. 

Buy Clothes from trusted Sources and Vendors. 

Trying to save on clothes is a great idea, but not at the cost of your family’s health, especially your children. Buy clothes from vendors that sell, preferably, organic clothes. Also look through descriptions and products details before placing orders or taking them to the cashier. 

Buy the right Clothes.

Buy clothes that’ll be easy to manage and take care of. The right types of clothes last longer and could be used for a couple of months/years before they need to be replaced. Pick clothes that are made from cotton, are breathable, easy on the skin and don’t have materials or add-ons that could harm your child. While except clothes for specific occasions, be practical.  

Read Instructions.
Lots of kid’s clothes come with washing instructions and this could assist in taking care of your kid’s skin and the piece of cloth. If the clothes require a certain temperature for washing, or need to be hand-washed, stick to them because they go a long way.


Use the right Products.

Buying suitable cleaning products is highly encouraged. These days lots of brand could be substandard and this eventually leads to avoidable skin issues, both for the little ones and that older folks. From the cleaning soap to the stain remover, make sure you invest in a trusted brand for cleaning your family’s clothes. 

If you make use of a laundry service, take the extra step to know what type of products are being used. 

Be intentional about Drying and Storing.

You have to make sure all clothes are properly dried before storing, also store in an atmosphere where they would not be affected by the weather orr bacteria and dirt. 


  1. Wash regularly
  2. Take stains out as soon as possible.
  3. Teach your kids about cleanliness 
  4. Be gentle- both with products and washing processes. 

Did we miss any tips? Let us know in the comments.

With Love,

Olive and Peach. 

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