Be picky with what you consume.

Good food affects your mood and productivity. whether you have a busy life or not, be conscious of what goes into your body. Take supplements, and cut down on processed meals. Have a diet that is balanced. Turn more to whole foods. Have control over the quality and quantity of the meal you consume.

Move your body often.

This could be a short (or long) walk around your neighborhood. Being in a good mood could be attributed to the natural endorphins that are gotten from exercise, no matter how minimal. Moving your body daily should become a ritual, both for you and your whole family. It could be hard to take those walks or even do an outright workout routine, but activities like dancing could also work the magic.

Plan alone time, weekly.

Being constantly on the go could drain you faster than you imagine, this is why you need to set out time during the week (or weekend) to hear yourself breathe. The more your schedule is packed, the more irritable you would become and the harder it is to have a happy family. Set money apart for your alone time and do something that your mind and body would thank you for. Yes, you deserve it!

These small steps, when applied consistently, would go a long way in making your day-to-day life more livable, and not bearable. Take small steps to always have high spirits and mood, because as a mother, when you are happy, everyone around you would be too. 

Remember that you are in control of how you experience life and no one can ruin your day, week, or month unless you give them permission to. Take charge of your health, body, and mind, and watch your smile broaden.

With Love,

Olive and Peach.