40 Powerful Affirmations for Moms

For encouragement, we’ve put this together.

For when you’re in a rot, or when you doubt your abilities or your strength. You can have these as sticky notes all around your home, so you remember how important and loved you are at all times.


  1. My life is beautiful.
  2. I am beautiful and radiant
  3. I handle it all with confidence and grace.
  4. I am a confident, loving woman who sets an amazing example for her children.
  5. I exude patience and grace throughout my day.
  6. I am a blessing to my family.
  7. I’m doing an amazing job!
  8. I am everything my child needs.
  9. I am a fantastic role model for my children.
  10. I am brave.
  11. I am loved.
  12. I do what it takes to give the best to my family.
  13. I’m grateful to spend time with my children every day.
  14. My home is full of love and joy.
  15. I deserve to care for myself too.
  16. I radiate grace, confidence, and care.
  17. I feel calm in the midst of chaos.
  18. My children trust me beyond measure.
  19. I am courageous to show my children vulnerability.
  20. My own needs are important!
  21. I release expectations and allow my children and family to be who we are.
  22. I am enough.
  23. My love for my children is unconditional.
  24. I smile at my flaws today.
  25. I am everything to my children.
  26. I am a leader to my children.
  27. I forgive my children’s flaws.
  28. I always remember to demonstrate what I expect from my children.
  29. I am calm in the chaos.
  30. My children are grateful for me.
  31. I am a badass mom!
  32. My children are healthy, creative, and loving, and I am thankful!
  33. I’m doing a stunning job!
  34. I teach my kids to be authentic.
  35. I release judgment and embrace the present moment.
  36. I deserve time to myself.
  37. I trust my intuition.
  38. I am powerful.
  39. Today, I choose joy!
  40. I deserve all the love I get.


With Love,

Olive and Peach.


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