Now I think we are getting to the interesting part of the series, toys!

In the first few months, before he/she learns to grasp objects or sit up, your baby will appreciate things he/she can look at and/or listen to. Although realistically newborn babies don’t really need toys, toys can help to stimulate your baby’s growth and development and help to keep them entertained. Toys like a play mat, ones with a mirror feature, or one that makes noise are all great options.

What to look for:

Babies love playing with toys. Especially toys that make noise, light up, and that is soft enough for them to gum on. Figuring out age-appropriate toys might be a little tricky for mums, that’s why there are baby and mother shopping websites like ours that provide great options. Playing is an essential piece to your baby’s development, and toys that contribute to both their mental and physical development are your best choice.

There are several things to look out for when buying baby toys, here are a few of them:

  • Toy Size: For baby toys, you don’t want anything too small which can be mistakenly swallowed.

  • Material: Always look for toys that are organic, like the types in our shop.

  • Age Range: Make sure they are age-appropriate, but keep in mind that the needs and interests of a baby will change with age.

  • Look for toys that encourage your baby’s motor skill development. Blocks, for example, are great for fine motor skill development, while toys like balls or things that can be pulled or pushed are great for their gross motor skill development.

  • Recall Information: Be sure to check for any recall information using the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s lookup tool. Any recalled toys should be removed immediately.

    We also have options for toys that are suitable for all ages and genders, do well to check out the store.

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