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40 Powerful Affirmations for Moms

For encouragement, we’ve put this together. For when you’re in a rot, or when you doubt your abilities or your strength. You can have these as sticky notes all around your home, so you remember how important and loved you are at all times. Affirmations: My life is beautiful. I am beautiful and radiant I handle […]


The Pregnancy period is a time where for many women, fashion goes flying out of the window. Comfort, ease and convenience take precedence and this can be easily achieved by investing in maternity specified clothes and dresses. Many women are under the misconception that maternity clothing should be boring and unfashionable; at Olive and Peach, we […]

5 easy tips to look and feel good during Pregnancy

comfy and free organic pregnancy maternity dress

The pregnancy period is a time of bonding with your unborn baby. Some mothers even develop a level of chemistry with their children during that period. Be that as it may, the period can be rather uncomfortable; from cramps to nausea, bad skin conditions and a swift irritation level, there are numerous situations that make […]